Crypto News API

CryptoControl allows users to use our powerful news engine for professional or commercial use. CryptoControl goes through more than 5,000 articles daily from over 1000+ news sources. We then use a specialized AI to understand context of each article and attribute coins and categories to each article.

If you'd like to get access to our news engine, the process is pretty simple.

API Terms & Conditions

  • If the API is used for free, an attribution and link to CryptoControl is required.
  • CryptoControl has rights to revoke API access at any point of time without notice..
  • All API calls are logged and rate-limited per IP at 50 requests/second.

Getting API Access token

To get your own API token, you just need to send us an email asking for one.

We issue access tokens almost instantly as long there's proper attribution to CryptoControl.


CryptoControl bots can automatically post trending, all or single currency related news, or news related to keywords, straight to your Discord, Slack, Telegram or any another chat application. To view more about bots, click here