Crypto News API now launched!

As part of our mission in helping grow the crypto ecosystem, CryptoControl is now proud to announce the launch of the CryptoControl API.

That’s right. We’re letting people use the rich metadata from our powerful news-engine to create beautiful products. And that too for free.

Why create an API?

We’ve spent years perfecting our news engine to where it is today and one thing we can say for sure is that running a news engine is just damn hard.

But at the same time, while our news engine is powering our website, mobile apps and chatbots, we believe that it’d probably bring a lot more value to developers who are looking to create something useful or insightful with crypto news. Developers who might do a much better job than us.

That’s why by releasing our APIs, we want to release the burden from developers in setting up a news engine and let them just focus only on their product.

How can you get access?

It’s pretty simple. Just visit the CryptoControl API page and signup. All logged-in users get their api keys almost instantly.

API access is rate-limited at 10,000 requests an hour. So it’d be a good to cache your API calls.

Working with your favourite SDK

We’ve already published SDKs for different languages (Node.js, Ruby, Python etc.) already.

Hall of fame

To showcase some of the awesome stuff that we hope people will be building with our APIs, we’re introducing the “CryptoControl Hall of fame”where we’ll be showcasing all such products that the CryptoControl API.

Hall of famers will get special attention on the CryptoControl website and will get a backlink from CryptoControl for good on the CryptoControl page.

If you’d like to get recognised in this wall of fame, all you have to do is create something useful with the CryptoControl API and let us know about what you’ve built ([email protected]).


We can’t wait to see what you’ll be building with CryptoControl.

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