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Crypto Trading Terminal v2 Launched — New Features!

After months of development yet again, the CryptoControl team is proud to announce the launch of version 2 of the CryptoControl trading terminal. In this post we summarise the new and exciting features that we’ve introduced.

1. TradingView Integration

After a lot of requests from the community, this has been the most sought after feature our users have requested for and we have listened.

TradingView charts for Binance BTC/USDT

With TradingView charts, now users can interact with a high definition chart for all of their favourite exchanges.

As of this writing, current exchanges integrated with TradingView charts are Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and HitBTC with more exchanges coming soon.

2. Better Newsfeed

In the crypto space, news plays a very important role. With the updated newsfeed, now users can glance through more information about each news article.

We’ve added thumbnails and descriptions for every news article so that users can view all the information that they need in just one glance.

The newsfeed section with new image thumbnails and descriptions

3. Portfolio Charts & Cost Analysis

Our goal with the portfolio section is to develop a tool that gives all the data that a professional trader/investor would need, but at the same time be simple and easy to use.

A snapshot of the portfolio section, with the new gain and gain% fields

With the new portfolio section, we’ve added an extra field where users can enter cost. With this, users can now quickly calculate the gain and gain% of their portfolio.

Alongside this, we’ve added in a portfolio chart where users can easily visualize their portfolio value as it grows over time.

4. Better Arbitrage Spreads and Paths

These have been our most exciting features to date. With Arbitrage spreads and paths, our users could skim through all the markets easily and profit from market inefficiencies.

Arbitrage Spreads and Paths

In this update, we have done a few things:

  • Removed outdated trading symbols where the price has not been updated for more than a day
  • Fixed the ‘Starting Amount’ option in the arbitrage paths section. So now users can enter in exactly how much amount of a currency they’d like to find a path for.
  • We’ve started scraping order books. Now with every path, we check the order books of the exchange as well. This is important because in an arbitrage opportunity, the volume of the order is important.

5. Encryption of API keys

Security is very important in the crypto world. Which is why with our terminal, we take security very seriously.

Every time a user opens the trading window, he/she is immediately asked for a trading password.

This password is used to encrypt all the trading API keys of the user and is never uploaded onto our servers.

This ensures that if any virus/hacker ever compromises the user’s machine, he/she will never get hold of the user’s API keys that are stored in the terminal.

Since the API keys are always saved locally, even if our servers face a security breach, the user’s API keys are never compromised.

6. Feedback Section

To conclude, we’d like to put a focus on our feedback section.

As you can see the design is kept very simple. But it’s importance is huge.

Whenever a user submits a feedback, our team gets an instant notification with what has been sent and we begin to address it right away.

We do this because we believe listening to our users is key when they use our terminal and we’re more than excited to hear and understand what they need.


We’d like to thank our users for every ounce of support they’ve given us. Without them, our terminal will not have seen the development it has in the past few months.

We’re very excited to continue our development of the terminal and drive more value to our users and we hope to share more updates in the coming future.

To get access to the trading terminal, visit the terminal signup page.

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