Hall of Fame

Here we’re proud to showcase all the different platforms and apps that use CryptoControl to build amazing products for the crypto community.


AI-based for cryptocurrency. Uses the CryptoControl API to answer questions about crypto news trends.


Human-driven Cryptocurrency Insights using AI and Machine Learning. 


The Bitcoiner offers an overview of cryptocurrency markets, ideal for tracking prices and exchange rates, news, and ongoing and upcoming ICOs 


CryptiX is a cryptocurrency news and price tracker and converter app for iOS that is designed to be incredibly simple and sleek, yet offer a wealth of important information including the latest news and accurate price data.


Bitworth is as iOS app designed to help people loosely keep track of what their combined crypto holdings are currently worth in relation to the fiat currency of their choosing.


Crypto news & price app that for crypto news and prices. Uses CryptoControl API for coin news and webhooks for push notifications.


A really simple worldwide application for English and Spanish crypto enthusiast readers, it also has a video section and we are planning to add podcasts, events, and free forex signals. 


Bitcoin Monitor visualizes crypto prices across exchanges, making it easy to find the best price for the coin you’re looking for. It also provides trade signals and technical data to support your buying/selling decisions.


EOS blockexplorer, uses CryptoControl to show EOS-related news.


Crypto price app to track prices/charts/alerts & now news for the top cryptocurrencies with CryptoControl


Crypto mining profitability calculator. Uses CryptoControl API to show mining news.


Crypto price app to track prices, charts, & alerts. Uses CryptoControl for coin news and mining related news.


Token Triggers is free automated crypto asset and news alerts via Slack, Discord, email and webhook. 

How can I get my application listed?

CryptoControl is more than happy to support the developers and entrepreneurs who build amazing stuff for the crypto community. To get listed, all you need to do is showcase a live production-ready application that you’ve built using CryptoControl’s API. 

Once your product is live, simply inform us by filling in the form below.

By getting listed, you will not only get added onto the “Hall of Fame”, but you’ll also get a social media blast, a backlink to your site/app and CCIO tokens in return.