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Secure Trading Software

Trade cryptocurrencies on over 60+ exchanges. View technical indicators, track trading performance, open orders and more with our unified trading interface. All trading data is encrypted and secured with a password that is stored locally in your machine.

Crypto Graph Explorer

Pull blockchain data out from the dark. An interactive graph which provides data on any transaction blockchain. With support for ETH/ERC20 tokens, view how money flows between addresses, ICO Wallets, Exchanges and Smart-contracts with multiple levels.

Portfolio & Risk Management

Manage and track your cryptocurrency portfolio. Keeping track of your crypto on multiple exchanges is always a pain. Keep track of all your funds in one place. Easily import your funds from multiple exchanges and have them stored in an in-built wallet.

Arbitrage Trading

Earn more with this cryptocurrency arbitrage software that will automate profit maximization for traders when there is huge price gap between exchanges.

A single-click feature that shows exactly how much you will earn following short or long arbitrage path.

Algo Trading Bot

Setup advanced orders on all exchanges whether or not they support the feature. These inlcude:

-Stop loss
-Take profits
-Trailing Losses

Track News, ICOs & Mining Pools

Get real-time cryptocurrency news from over 500+ crypto news sources and over 2000+ mainstream news sources within minutes of publishing.

Easily track the best upcoming ICOs & STOs.

Get insights about hashrates for the different coins all and the distribution of hashpower.

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