Crypto Arbitrage Software

Discover arbitrage opportunities on more than 100 exchanges with the CryptoControl Trading Terminal.

Why discover arbitrage opportunities?

With more than 100 legit crypto exchanges, market inefficiencies and price differences are commonplace.   

Finding these arbitrage opportunities and exploiting them to your advantage is key to a successful trader. 

With the CryptoControl Trading Terminal, you can not only discover these arbitrage opportunities, but also execute them with a single-click. 

The CryptoControl Trading Terminal’s Arbitrage tool is bundled with multiple features. Scroll down to see what’s in store. 

Arbitrage Spreads

An easy way to screen price differences on more than top 100 exchanges.

A table full of exchanges and prices of multiple cryptocurrencies. Green indicates the lowest price across exchanges while red indicates the highest price.

Arbitrage Paths

Easily visualize your way to profits with Arbitrage Paths. A full-proof algorithm drafted by us that shows you exactly what you need to do to attain a pre-defined % gain.

Get Access to the Arbitrage feature Now

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