The CCIO Token

The CCIO token is a cryptocurrency token that’ll will allow anybody to contribute, be a part of, and share CryptoControl’s success.

CCIO Token holders get dividends from CryptoControl’s revenue every month.

The easiest way to earn tokens is by signing up on our CryptoControl platform. You will receive 50 free CCIO tokens when you signup.

What is CCIO?

CCIO is an ERC20 token distributed by on the Ethereum blockchain

Every month CryptoControl will give 25% of it’s monthly revenue from the sale of it’s trading terminal as dividends to all token holders.

CCIO tokens can either be traded on CryptoControl’s exchange or be used to pay for CryptoControl’s terminal subscription.

How to get CCIO?

CCIO tokens cannot be bought from; Instead they are earned by performing various activities within the CryptoControl ecosystem.

Users can earn tokens by:

Signup Now to receive 50 CCIO tokens

The easiest way to earn CCIO tokens is to simply signup on the CryptoControl. When you signup, you will be rewarded with 50 CCIO tokens.

CCIO Token details


1$ = 1000 CCIO

Total Supply:

1 billion CCIO

% given to the community:


ICO/STO date:

Not set

How are dividends paid out?

At the end of every month CryptoControl will take 15% of it’s revenue and convert it into a cryptocurrency like Ethereum or TrueUSD.

The converted cryptocurrency is then distributed to all CCIO token holders proportionate to how many CCIO tokens they hold at that time.

CryptoControl uses commitment hashes to achieve this functionality.

Trade CCIO tokens

The CryptoControl team are working very hard to bring liquidity to the CCIO token. The following exchanges are places where CCIO can be traded.


Dividends are paid out using commitment hashes. Commitment hashes allows CryptoControl to scale and distribute dividends across a large number of token holders within the Ethereum blockchain. To learn more about dividends read about it here.

All dividends will be given out via Ethereum or TrueUSD.

Example, If CryptoControl is distributing 100 ETH and you hold 1% of all CCIO tokens, then you’ll get 1 ETH as dividends.

Because CCIO tokens are limited in supply and are hard to get (cannot be bought easily) and also pay out regular dividends in the form of Ether/TUSD; they have a very high intrinsic value.

CCIO tokens also get burnt (reducing the supply of all tokens) when they are used to pay for a terminal subscription, which means the % of dividends a long-term token holder will receive will increase (as the supply decreases).

Finally, early token holders hold a much bigger share of dividends which decreases over time as more and more tokens gets distributed over the span of 3 years (Jan 2022).