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CryptoControl is a crypto news aggregator that drives traffic to crypto news publishers by showcasing its articles to a wider crypto enthusiasts/traders/investors.

As one of the leading crypto news aggregators, we make sure your content is distributed in the most transparent way possible.

By getting listed on CryptoControl, you get a chance to showcase your news articles to a huge pool of crypto users and eventually drive traffic to your website. As a publisher, you can apply to become a :
1)Free Publisher & 2) Premium Publisher

Why become a Premium Publisher?

By becoming a premium publisher, you will enjoy the following benefits:
- instant listing,
- Upto 30 pinned articles,
- Free Press Releases,
- Social Media Blast,
- Dofollow Backlinks

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Where do people read our news?

CryptoControl news is not just accessible via our website, but also through many other channels.

  • On our website:
  • On our mobile app: iOS and Android
  • Via crypto exchanges and other websites that use our APIs:
  • Via our telegram bot @cc_news_robot and telegram broadcast channels.
  • Through our RSS feeds where users read our links in their favourite newsreader.
  • Through our daily email newsletters, where we aggregate the top crypto articles every day.

Collectively, we drive more than 1 million impressions a week with a click through rate of around 5-10%.

What you get as a publisher?

CryptoControl is always looking to support high quality original content and journalism in the crypto space. We never deny traffic to any of our publishers. All our readers will always read the content on your site and we never take any share in the ad revenue you earn.

CryptoControl drives traffic to original and newsworthy articles. Our news engine is powerful enough to understand context and relevancy of news articles. It uses many different signals, including all those who have backlinked your article, the social media score of the article, the sources who have written about the same topic etc..

With CryptoControl you get an audience that are mostly cryptocurrency traders, investors and enthusiasts. And everyday we are aggressively expanding our readership, so existing publishers always see an increase in traffic from us.