Hall of fame

Here we're proud to showcase all the different platforms and apps that use the CryptoControl API/Widget to create amazing products.

  • CryptoNews Now (iOS) - Crypto news & price app that for crypto news and prices. Uses CryptoControl API for coin news and webhooks for push notifications.
  • ProfiMine (iOS) - Crypto mining profitability calculator. Uses CryptoControl API to show mining news.
  • CoinMarketApp - Crypto price app to track prices/charts/alerts. Uses CryptoControl for coin news and mining related news.
  • The Crypto App - Crypto price app to track prices/charts/alerts & now news for the top cryptocurrencies with CryptoControl.
  • EOSPark.com - EOS blockexplorer, uses CryptoControl to show EOS-related content.
  • Daneel.io - AI-based for cryptocurrency. Uses the CryptoControl API to answer questions about crypto news trends.
  • CoinDelta.com - Indian-based crypto-exchange. Uses the CryptoControl API to serve news to traders.

If you'd like to have your product featured in this list, all you have to do is use our API/Widget and write to us at [email protected] explaining to us what your product is all about.