Crypto News Historic API

CryptoControl also allows developers to get access to historical news data. This allows developers to get access to a large corpus of crypto news articles to perform any kind of data analysis.

CryptoControl maintains a gigantic database of crypto news articles. Our database consists of articles from 2013 onwards. News sources include non-english languages as well.

Our historic news apis give you access to the following datapoints.

  • All the articles from the CryptoControl database
  • Raw text extracted from an article
  • Raw HTML of an article
  • Keyword analysis performed by CryptoControl

Whenever a new publication is added into CryptoControl, our spiders automatically crawl and update all the articles from the source. So you don't have to worry about keeping your corpus up-to-date.

Getting Access to Historic APIs

The CryptoControl Historic API is a premium feature and is available to CryptoControl gold users only. Historic API calls are rate-limited to 100 requests/min.

Download all the data in just one go

With the Historic APIs, we not only allow you to query data using our various API endpoints, but you can also download all our data in just one go. The downloaded data can then be restored in a local MongoDB instance and be used for your own personal use.

Instead of making multiple queries to CryptoControl to fetch all it's articles; you can now get a crypto news corpus ready for you immediately.

You can find documentation for the CryptoControl REST APIs over here. https://api-docs.cryptocontrol.io/

For any issues, bugs or suggestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]