Crypto Sentiment API

With our sentiment APIs, you can now get the sentiments of news articles of different crypto currencies without having to process the millions the datapoints that we do every day.

Now understanding +ve/-ve trends for any cryptocurrency is as easy as making just a API call.

Getting Access to Sentiment APIs

The CryptoControl Sentiment API is a paid feature and is available monthly for 9.99$/mo or annually for 99.99$/yr.

Payment can be made via crypto/credit card. Once a payment is made, you'll be able to get the sentiment datapoints with any of the available API calls.

You can find documentation for the CryptoControl REST APIs over here.

For any issues, bugs or suggestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Projects using the Sentiment APIs

  • Sentiment Trading Bot - An opensource bot we've made that goes long/short on the basis of trading sentiment.