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CryptoControl Ambassador's Program

CryptoControl's Ambassadorship is a special status given to users who contribute significantly to CryptoControl's growth by referring users. Ambassadors in return get generous rewards from CryptoControl's success.

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0 users

and have earned 0 CCIO tokens so far.

To join the Ambassador's program you need to log in.

You'll earn 500 CCIO tokens for every referral you make and 50,000 CCIO tokens for every referral who buys a terminal license. *
Tokens earn dividends over time and can be used to pay for the terminal's monthly subscription. To learn more, click here

Conditions for becoming an Ambassador

  • Must be a CryptoControl user
  • Refer at least 50 genuine users to CryptoControl
  • Refer at least 5 paying users to CryptoControl
  • Contribute in giving feedback to any of CryptoControl's products
  • Making fake referrals will cause your account to get banned

Ambassadors get

  • Special treatment from the CryptoControl team
  • Exclusive access to latest features
  • 4x more dividends from CryptoControl's revenues
  • A place in CryptoControl's Ambassadors list
* terms and conditions apply